Why High-Level Business Experience Isn’t Needed to Succeed with Superior Wash

February 8, 2023

Some franchises have incredibly high barriers to entry, requiring franchisees to have significant industry experience before they can take over a new franchise. This is not the case with Superior Wash. Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise that has locations across the country, partnering with the biggest names in the trucking industry to provide high-quality pressure washing services.

Superior Wash franchisees are people from all backgrounds with a wide range of experience levels. We don’t require franchisees to have franchised before or have operated in the fleet washing industry. Let’s explore why Superior Wash doesn’t require franchisees to have high-level business experience.

Training Program

The first reason why is that we have a comprehensive training program that we have a lot of faith in. Franchisees gain a high-level understanding of all aspects of the Superior Wash business, from the actual fleet washing process to the business of Superior Wash. Our team remains accessible throughout franchisees’ careers, but the training program is where the foundation for success is laid. We believe we can build successful franchisees.

Work Ethic-Based Success

While there are a lot of ropes to learn with Superior Wash, and it can take some time, a big portion of your success with Superior Wash is dependent on your work ethic. The business aspects are important, and we help teach them, but if you are an able learner and someone willing to work hard and improve, you can find success with Superior Wash. We are in a low-competition, high-upside industry, and if you are capable of working hard, you can find your way to franchise profitability.

Established System

Superior Wash has a system that has worked for franchisees of all backgrounds and experience levels. We have numerous franchisees that have used our system to find success with a business model in a unique industry. We are the biggest brand name in the fleet washing industry, and we offer a sales kickstart to franchisees to drum up initial business. This positions them to succeed right away.

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