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Your prior professional experience won’t affect your ability to partner with Superior Wash because our franchising training and support is designed to prepare anyone who is committed to excellence and willing to work hard to run one of our businesses.

Superior Wash offers a comprehensive blend of distance learning, field training, and classroom training from certified experts, in everything from the theory of hood exhaust systems to NFPA-96 industry standard fire codes for vent hood cleaning. And we’ll not only show you the ropes, we’ll provide plenty of additional support programs to help build your business.


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You don’t have to have a huge net worth to get into our business.

Support Systems

Kick-Start Sales Program
As the name implies, this program is designed to help franchisees start their new businesses off on the right track. It includes a few key benefits, for instance, we regularly set appointments with our franchisees during their first year in business to keep a close eye on their growth. We fly a salesperson to their market for an entire week of dedicated prospecting on their behalf, and continue to assist them with sales remotely through the life of their business.
Cash Flow Program

There’s a cash crunch involved in our line of work, as many times businesses aren’t paid for their services until their clients’ next billing cycles. This is why many independent operators sometimes struggle to get their businesses off the ground. Hood Guyz helps by managing all of the billing and receivables for our franchisees. This way, they can keep cash flowing weekly so they can meet expenses and reinvest into their business.

Other Hood Guyz supports include:

  • Regular feedback from our experts 
  • National marketing programs to build awareness of your franchise 
  • Billing services to simplify your operations 
  • Proprietary field software so you can run your business from your phone 
  • Phone support to answer your questions when they arise 
  • Internet marketing to drive customers to your business 

Our Training Programs

Fleet Management Training
Initial Training

A key component of our franchise training and support is the time we take to teach you our trade. New franchisees take part in our remote Online Certification Program, which involves reviewing numerous training videos and reading and studying our comprehensive Operations Manual. Upon completing this, franchisees are assessed with an exam. When they’ve demonstrated their knowledge of our business model, we can move on to opening their franchise.

In addition, franchisees also take part in one week of Field Software training from home, and one week of hands-on field training and sales training at our headquarters.

Once you’ve mastered how to provide Hood Guyz services and how to run your business, we’ll work with you to set your growth goals. Then we’ll follow up with expert guidance to help you achieve those goals.

Ongoing Training

Professional development is essential to your business at every stage, so we offer a robust curriculum you can access remotely, and our certified professionals will join you in the field to share valuable tips and tricks of the trade.

Over time, we’ll review your progress with on-the-job assessments and give you feedback to make sure you’re adhering to our best practices. And as the industry evolves, we’ll periodically provide new training and professional development to keep your skills sharp.

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