How Superior Wash Makes it Easy for Franchisees to Adapt to a New Industry

February 22, 2023

Breaking into a new industry is an intimidating thing. That is what causes many to hesitate or stall in the franchising process. They are hoping to take over a branch of a company in an industry they aren’t fully familiar with, and they struggle to adjust. But with the right guidance, entering a new industry can be a breeze.

Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise that uses pressure washing technology to scrape away grit from truck fleets for enterprises ranging from Costco to Pepsi. Superior Wash is a fixture of the trucking industry and offers franchisees an opportunity to take the helm of a business in this crucial sector. Not familiar with the trucking industry? Here’s what we provide to help franchisees adjust.

Established Model 

Superior Wash has been operating in the trucking industry for years, and over that time, we’ve built a model that has proven profitable. This is a big part of what franchisees receive when they take over a Superior Wash branch. We teach them our model and the basics of everything from business management and truck cleaning to sales and beyond. Even if you are a complete newcomer, we have full faith in our ability to instill our excellent model.

Access to Decades of Expertise

Starting a new business can be incredibly isolating because you are navigating a new industry without anyone to lean on. Superior Wash removes this difficult phase from the franchising process by offering consistent access to our team of experts. Franchisees can talk to our leadership group, which brings combined decades of experience in the trucking industry. They will help franchisees navigate the highs and lows of starting a new business.

Sales Boost Program

Superior Wash has an expansive training program that culminates with a Sales Boost initiative. This is when one of our experienced salespeople heads to your location to drum up business on your behalf. This allows franchisees to get started fast with clients. It is a hands-on, practical way of ensuring franchisees’ entrances to the trucking industry are smooth and effective.

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