Why Superior Wash Might be Your Path Away from The Typical 9-5

November 7, 2022

If the past couple of years of change has shown us anything, it is that the typical models of work aren’t necessary anymore. There was a time when the only option for people was to commute to work every day, work eight hours in the office, and commute home. This typical 9-5 was what most people prescribed to because it was the only real option. However, we have seen now that this model is not the only one, and many are now seeking a path away from the same grueling 9-5. If this is the case for you, consider Superior Wash as your path out.

Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise with branches spread across the country. It is a recognized business in a low-competition niche, with partners like Costco, FedEx, Coca-Cola, and more. Superior Wash franchises use pressure washing technology to scrape away grime and dirt from truck fleets, ensuring they look and function better. This important service is needed by trucking fleets across the country.

The typical 9-5 is no longer the only option.

By taking over as the leader of a new branch of a Superior Wash, you will be transforming your work life dramatically. For starters, you are the boss. Once you are done training, the ball is in your court. You are the leader; you make the decisions. This comes with perks, considering you build the schedule. Have something you want to do one day? You can front-load your schedule accordingly and have more time for your personal life.

Superior Wash also completely removes the need for an office space. It is a mobile business. We go to our customers, so there is no need to commute every day through traffic to an office. Rather, you can work from home or any other space and head to your clients when it is time to oversee the actual cleaning.

The typical 9-5 is no longer the only option. We live in a world of boundless possibilities, and taking over as the leader of a Superior Wash branch will allow you to escape the normal with more freedom than ever before.

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