Why Superior Wash Has Built a National Franchise in the Fleet Washing Business

December 16, 2022

If you are researching franchises and searching for an opportunity that can lead to long-term success, you’ll find many franchises offer excellent potential. However, what you won’t find are many franchises that exist in the fleet washing space. So how come Superior Wash has built a national business in this industry? And does it benefit franchisees?

Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise that uses pressure washing technology to scrape away grit and dirt from large truck fleets. For potential franchisees seeking options, this will stand out from the pack. Let’s explore why Superior Wash has targeted this industry and how franchisees can benefit.

High-Profit Margins

Superior Wash has created a franchise where franchisees can benefit from exceedingly high-profit margins. It is a mobile business where franchisees don’t need to have an office to function; they simply come to the trucking fleet and conduct the service. The equipment costs are similarly low compared to other franchising industries. With low overhead, we’ve found our franchisees can begin to see profit results within a very short time. 

Tons of Growth Potential

Superior Wash exists in an industry with unlimited growth potential. There are countless truck fleets in the United States, with numbers growing by the day. Ground hauling is vital to the United States economy, and trucks need to be clean to function well and present a pleasant brand image. Superior Wash helps truck fleets achieve this. Superior Wash franchisees can connect with a massive number of truck fleets and grow their client base, meaning there is no built-in profit ceiling.

Underserved Market

Lastly, what might be the most significant factor in Superior Wash’s success is that this market is very underserved. The reason you haven’t likely heard of many fleet-washing franchises is that there simply aren’t many. Superior Wash stands apart in an extremely low-competition industry. Unlike other kinds of franchises, where you are competing with a vast number of other businesses, with Superior Wash, competition is scarce.

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