When is the Right Time to Start with Superior Wash?

October 3, 2022

Franchising is all about finding the right time. There are many examples of situations where opening a franchise at an inopportune time has hurt franchisees. One easy one would be franchisees that opened hospitality franchises at the start of 2020, right as a global pandemic hit. However, if you are hoping to open a Superior Wash franchise, the answer to that question is that there truly is no wrong time.

Superior Wash offers an evergreen opportunity. By operating in an industry that is pivotal at all points of the year and an integral part of the US economy, Superior Wash removes the importance of timing from the equation. We offer an essential service that is immune to seasonal changes, economic downturns, and even global pandemics.

There truly is no wrong time.

So what exactly is Superior Wash? Superior Wash is a national commercial fleet cleaning franchise. We use pressure washing technology to scape away grime and build-up from trucks, cleaning their exterior and engine. We also do spill clean-ups for trucks, meaning our franchisees can have multiple revenue streams. Superior Wash has partnered with national brands like Costco, Coca-Cola, Fed-Ex, and more, to provide cleaner, better functioning trucks.

The benefits of our service are that trucks serve as better visual ambassadors to their brands and operate more smoothly. Build-up in the engine or on the vehicle can hold it back, and our pressure washing services remove that problem. This means trucking fleets need what we offer. Considering the sheer number of trucking fleets across America, the opportunities for growth are significant.

Trucking is an industry with an around-the-calendar lifecycle. Whether it is winter or summer, trucks will be on the road and need to be cleaned. And even during the pandemic, this remained the case.

Finding the right franchising opportunity requires good timing, but with Hood Guyz, this doesn’t need to be the case. If you’re wondering what the best time to open a Hood Guyz franchise is, the answer is right now.


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