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Finally a Recession Resistant Business that is affordable

If you are looking for a cleaning franchise that provides a service that companies need in good economic times or bad, then look into our fleet washing business opportunity today.

Fleet Washing business

Under The Radar Screen

The Advantages

Why this industry

* Low Competition * Repeat Business * Recession Resistant * Affordable *

We are in an industry that other companies would love to be in, a very underserved industry where companies have to have our services. We provide the most cost effective solution for our customers, and we are one of the few companies who specialize in on-site fleet washing. The rest are pressure and power washing businesses that try to do what we have been specializing in for the last 25 years.

Fleet Washing Business Opportunity

Our Unique Proposition

Mobile Based Fleet Washing Business Opportunity

Recurring Revenue

We provide a maintenance program for our customers, which means predictable weekly revenue for our franchisees.

Superior Wash Sales Support

High Margin Business

Since this is a home based business, the overhead for our franchisees is very low compared to retail businesses.

Mobile Based Business Growth

A Business That Can Grow

We want franchisees who want to grow a business. Most of our franchisees have more than one truck.

the Competition

Underserved Industry

We are the 800lb Gorilla

low competition

For over 25 years we have specialized in on-site fleet washing. While the "other guys" (pressure and power washing businesses) wash houses and decks and sometimes take on commercial fleet washing accounts, we have created a reputation in this industry as a company that fleet managers can trust. Our niche is on-site fleet washing.

We have over 1000 customers across the USA, and we are washing over 50,000 vehicles a WEEK.

99% of the competition are the "Mom & Pops"

Market domination



Support systems

Making a Difference

Best Practices

Second to none

Looking at Franchise Opportunities can be a little daunting, but with time and education you will start to understand the differences between the systems that you are looking at. Does the Franchisor seem to be working with you to grow your business, or does it seem that you will be on your own?

Superior Wash Support Team

Sales Support Program

Superior Wash Sales Team

On-Site Sales

We will fly one of our Sales & Operations reps to your territory and support you for 2 weeks to help kick start your business.

Superior Wash Inside Sales Support

Inside Sales

For 2 months we will telemarket your area in order to help land accounts for you in order to cash flow your operation.

Superior Wash Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales

On an ongoing basis we will continue to help land business for our whole system in order to gain more market share.

Billing & Receivables Program

Superior Wash Billing Support

Billing Support

We want our Franchisees to spend time on what grows their business. We will do the billing for you, so you have more time to devote towards growing your business.

Superior Wash Receivables Program

Receivables Support

Dealing with companies that lose invoices or slow pay, can be frustrating, but more importantly, it takes you away from your business.

Superior Wash Cash Flow Program

Cash Flow Guarantee

Cash flow is very important to businesses, and especially during the startup stage. Our Franchisees get deposits in their bank accounts weekly.

the Investment

Low Cost Entry

Superior Wash Validation




Low Franchise Fee

A lot of Franchisors have very high franchise fees. What value do you get with this lump sum? Usually, it is the "buy in amount" just to get a territory. We reinvest the franchise fee back into our franchisees to help kick start their business (see our investment costs).


Strong Finance Program

Superior Wash Finance Program

The typical funding sources such as bank loans and refinancing homes is really tough to source out these days. Money is tight pure and simple. Our financing program is very applealing for people who want to conserve their capital or have limited resources.

Virtually all of our franchisees have taken advantage of this program, and have used it to continue to grow thier business.



Finance Program

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Strong performance

A Business That Can Grow


Here’s a look at Item 19 from our Franchise Disclosure Document, based on billing reports from our franchise owners in 2014. This report does not include franchisees who have been in our systems less than 12 months.

Number of Franchisees in the Sixths
Average Sales
Number and Percentage of Franchisees that Attained or Exceeded Average Sales
Range of Sales
1st 6 $1,663,057.33 3 or 8.33% $3,277,102.14 to $672,763.05
2nd 6 $506,854.23 9 or 25.7% $537,470.56 to $472,274.70
3rd 6 $352,515.93 15 or 41.7% $470,514.95 to $69,755.58
4th 6 $233,146.47 21 or 58.3% $260,188.15 to $204,218.57
5th 6 $166,530.96 27 or 75% $185,149.92 to $152,147.68
6th 7 $84,296.84 34 or 94.4% $139,836.57 to $2,659.00


Number of Franchisees
Average Sales
Number and Percentage of Franchisees that Attained or Exceeded Average Sales
37 $487,524.68 10 or 27%


Franchisee Testimonials

What Do They Have To Say?

Hear from our franchisees...

We have a very strong business proposition. If you want to know how our brand, support and operatings systems are, then read the following...

Superior Wash Validation

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