Why Working in a B2B Industry Benefits Our Franchise Owners

June 1, 2021

There are two primary models of business. They are B2C, which means business to consumer, and B2B, which means business to business. In B2C, your primary customers are the average consumers, people who aren’t purchasing a product or a service in connection with a business. In B2B, your primary target audience is other businesses, people who are purchasing your product or service as a means to help their own business. While each of these models works in different situations, with Superior Wash, our B2B model ends up greatly benefitting our franchisees.

Superior Wash is a commercial fleet washing business that has franchises across the country. With years of industry experience, Superior Wash works with some of the biggest trucking companies in the world, from Fed Ex to Budweiser. Our service is pressure washing their trucking fleets, which both improves the look and functioning of these vehicles. We work with other businesses in a low-competition, high-demand industry. Our B2B business model lends itself very well to franchising.

Our B2B business model lends itself very well to franchising.

Unlike companies that operate in a B2C business, we are not as vulnerable to the spending habits of consumers. We have tied the viability of our business to the trucking industry, a massive component of the U.S transportation economy that is mostly recession-proof. This means the business opportunities with Superior Wash are very stable and less impacted by the fluctuations of the economy than most businesses.

Another benefit of being in a B2B industry is that relationships are a more important aspect of generating sales. While in a B2C industry you’re still trying to make relationships with your customers, a relationship with one customer isn’t going to drive too many sales. With B2B, a connection with one large business that consistently requires your services can be a large chunk of your revenue. Superior Wash has been in the industry for years and has relationships with many of the biggest names in trucking. We are an established brand, which makes sales that much easier.

Superior Wash is a franchising opportunity that has great potential for those looking to move into a B2B industry. With a recession-proof model and an established brand, Superior Wash makes becoming a franchisee a safe bet.

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