Why Are Superior Wash’s Services Important to Businesses?

May 16, 2022

truck fleets face a tall task every day, but an absolutely crucial one. Trucks must transport goods ranging from food and drink to hardware or packages across the country. It is a service that is vital to the US economy, with the industry worth roughly $732 billion to the US economy. Being tied to this mighty industry is a great way for a business to have powerful clientele, and this is what Superior Wash provides. But why are Superior Wash services important to trucking businesses?

Superior Wash is a fleet washing franchise that operates across the country. We use pressure washing technology to scrape away dirt and grit from these massive vehicles, and it is a highly in-demand service that we do at scale. Superior Wash has worked with titans of the trucking industry, from Fed-Ex and Waste Management to Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Let’s dive into what makes our services critical to these major trucking companies.

Superior Wash has worked with titans of the trucking industry.

For starters, many businesses look at each truck as an ambassador of their brand. When people pass trucks on the street or highway and see the logo, that defines their perception of the brand. If the truck is dirty, covered in grit, and rust, that will impact people’s opinions. But if that truck is glistening and freshly cleaned, people will take note.

Beyond that, the Superior Wash services also improve the performance of these vehicles. Our pressure washing services will scrape away grit and dirt that could be impacting tire performance or impacting other areas of the vehicle. We do everything in an environmentally-friendly, EPA-proved way that ensures long-term sustainability.

For our franchisees, having a model that is so important to the trucking industry pays off big. The trucking industry is a massive one, and Superior Wash is an established name. Our services are critical to trucking fleets, and franchisees benefit from this. There is a huge group of potential clients Superior Wash franchisees can offer their services, and they are reliant on our offerings.

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