Underrated Aspects That Make Superior Wash Stand Out

March 8, 2023

If you are investing your time, money, and future earnings in a franchise, it is a decision that includes many different elements. You want to join a franchise that has solid future prospects, a clear pathway to profitability, and is in an industry that appeals to you. These are the common reasons many choose to franchise with Superior Wash. But there are other, more underrated reasons franchisees should consider this opportunity.

Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise that operates across the country, helping trucking fleets from enterprises like FedEx, WasteManagement, and Coca-Cola remain clean and function their best. It is an appealing business in a pivotal industry. Let’s look at some of the lesser-known aspects of the Superior Wash model that make it so impactful for franchisees.


Superior Wash is an environmentally-friendly enterprise. Our franchisees are equipped with biodegradable, non-corrosive cleaning agents that are EPA-approved. We also assist trucking companies in cleaning up spills, doing everything in a way that benefits the environment. As we move toward a future where the importance of sustainability will only grow, this aspect of our service will help us stand out. 

Multiple Revenue Streams

It is crucial to offer something valuable, to have a defined service that enterprises can rely on you for. Hood Guyz bread and butter is our fleet pressure washing. But it is not the only revenue stream for our franchisees. We also clean up undercarriages, handle spills in a sustainable way, and even can clean interiors. That means there are multiple different ways our franchisees can cash in. 

Established Brand Name

One of the important things for a franchise is to offer a service that appeals to a large customer base, and Superior Wash certainly does. Superior Wash operates in the multi-billion-dollar trucking industry, a hugely important industry. What’s significant as well is that we have established ourselves as the name to know in the fleet washing business, as there aren’t many competitors that operate on a national scale like us. Franchisees benefit from being the big name in a hugely important industry.

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