The Perks of Superior Wash’s Trucking Industry Clientele

April 24, 2023

There are many people that wisely look at franchising as an investment. If you are opening a franchise, you are placing a significant bet on the success of the business model you are adopting. If you are considering franchising with Superior Wash, an industry-leading on-site fleet washing brand, you probably want to get down to the brass tacks of why our model works. A big reason Superior Wash has managed to succeed is our clientele.

Superior Wash has partnered with brands like FedEx, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Waste Management to provide fleet cleaning services. So what sets our customer base apart? Let’s look at some of the benefits of who our customers are that serve franchisees incredibly well. 

Sustained Partnerships

The service that Superior Wash provides is primarily a fleet washing clean, where we use pressure washing technology to scrape away dirt from trucking fleets. One significant advantage of this service is that it is not a one-time service. These truck fleets are cleaned and head right back out on the road, accumulating dirt, and need to be cleaned again. Our services are required on a relatively consistent basis, which allows our franchisees to form long-term partnerships.

Niche Service Within Massive Industry

While the trucking industry is enormous, with many multi-billion-dollar companies relying on trucking fleets, the fleet-washing sector is underdeveloped. The service we offer is relatively niche, as there aren’t many fleet washing franchises, yet there is a vast array of different potential clients that need these services. This makes it a unique opportunity for franchisees that want to grow a business and expand operations. 

Deep Pockets and Multiple Services Required

As we’ve mentioned, the trucking industry is a vast and economically vital industry, and many of the clients that Superior Wash partners with have deep pockets. Another benefit of this is that they often require multiple services from us. While fleet washing is a big part of what we offer, Superior Wash also provides undercarriage and engine cleans, as well as spill cleanups. This gives our franchisees multiple pathways toward generating revenue.

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