The Benefits of a Mobile Business VS. Brick-And-Mortar

March 17, 2021

Brick and mortar was the dominant form of business stretching back centuries. Having a shop and a physical structure in place has its advantages. Having a recognizable place to call your own, where people can come to find your service, can give your company a distinct place for customers to seek out. But in the year 2021, where commercial rent prices are sky-high, where the internet is where people go to seek out services, brick and mortar business appears to not be the best model for the future. This designation goes to a business model where there is no need to rent out space, where instead of having customers come to you, you can go to the customers. This is the mobile business model.

In The World Of Uber, Disruption

Is The Name Of The Game.

In the world of Uber, disruption is the name of the game. Having your business be tethered to one spot puts you at a disadvantage because your competitors likely won’t be. Consumers value convenience above all else right now, and nothing provides a consumer with more convenience than having a mobile business come to them. While not every business can be mobile, the benefits of running a mobile business are numerous.For one, the lack of rent cutting into your bottom line is a great aspect of mobile businesses. As well, the ability to get out and away from a desk is a considerable advantage, as it gives your day-to-day more excitement.

One Form Of Mobile Business That You

Could Operate Is Superior Wash

One form of mobile business that you could operate is Superior Wash. Superior Wash presents a franchising opportunity for those who are looking to join a national mobile business that will present them with a chance to be their own boss. Superior Wash is a fleet washing franchise that allows their franchisees to make their hours, travel to their customers, and provides them with the safety net of a management team with 86 years of industry experience. If you are looking to get out from behind that desk, and join a business that is perfectly adapted to the future of the industry, Superior Wash is for you. Brick and mortar is a relic of an era without the internet, where customers had to head to a physical shop to receive their service. Mobile business has changed this, and for certain industries, like fleet washing, is the clear-cut superior model.



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