Superior Wash’ Multiple Revenue Streams

December 1, 2021


What’s better than one revenue stream? Multiple, of course! Having a business that is built on one revenue stream can be extremely profitable, but diversifying what you offer can lead to a larger client base and more consistent opportunities. Specialization is important, but the ability to wear multiple hats will work out better in the long run. If you are looking to franchise, having a business model that is built on multiple different streams of revenue can lead to significant results.


Superior Wash is a fleet washing franchise that operates within the trucking industry. While fleet washing is our primary business, our model is built around being able to service trucks in a large variety of ways. We are intrinsically tied to the ground transportation industry, a major economic powerhouse in America, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in this business, from FedEx to Waste Management.


Superior Wash franchisees can join this well-known, well-regarded national brand and gain the ability to start their business from an advantageous position. Our ties to the trucking industry make the business recession-proof, and our unique services offer multiple revenue streams within this massive industry.

We offer a full variety of services that can help truck fleets function in a safer and cleaner way.

While fleet washing is the largest part of Superior Wash’s business, there are several other cleaning areas that our services cover. We do engine cleaning, undercarriage cleaning, and power washing. All our services don’t just make the trucks look better, they make them function better, and fleet managers need what we provide.


Superior Wash will also handle spill clean-ups. As a sustainable business, we pride ourselves on the way our company helps clean up roads and other environments in an effective and environmentally friendly way. Essentially, we offer a full variety of services that can help truck fleets function in a safer and cleaner way.


Superior Wash has different clients that utilize us for different services, bringing in multiple streams of revenue. Our company brings in clients by providing them with a variety of high-quality offerings, and our franchisees benefit by receiving multiple revenue streams that help them grow their business.


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