Our Business Is Recession Resistant!

January 19, 2021

From 2009 to 2010, our franchisees did not lose ground during the worst recession in our country’s history. While other industries were suffering and dying on the vine, we were still growing as a company. Now, during Covid-19, our franchisees are growing still! Our customers need our fleet washing service.  Getting into a business that will generate profit during good and bad economic times is essential. Our services are in demand by companies who have to get their vehicles cleaned regularly.

The Transportation Industry Is In Demand, More Than Ever

Our customers are busier than ever, with Covid-19 affecting our society and delivery services are in great need. Our franchisees service customers in the transportation industry, and we are more active than ever. Not all businesses can say this. Being recession-resistant is vital for business owners looking to grow a company for retirement planning.

For 34 Years We Have Been Servicing The Transportation Industry

Companies across the USA have been using our truck washing services in order to keep their company vehicles clean and safe.  In addition, our franchisees have kept their customer’s vehicles clean and presentable for when they are on the road in the public eye.  Maintaining their company image is very important and the last thing our customers want the public to see is a dirty vehicle representing their brand.  A clean vehicle presents a good image and a dirty vehicle presents the opposite image!

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