How to Turn a Superior Wash Franchising Dream Into Reality

March 17, 2023

Starting a franchise is a process that may feel out of reach, but it might be more straightforward than you think. Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise that uses pressure washing technology to clean trucking fleets for major businesses like Pepsi, FedEx, and more. Franchisees love our business because it is a low-competition, niche business inside a massive industry, giving our franchisees tons of growth potential.

Superior Wash is an exciting opportunity, and it is no far-off dream to turn it into a reality. If you are interested in our business, turning your Superior Wash goal into a reality is a practical, straightforward process. Let’s look at how it is done.

Research Our Business and Contact the Team

The first step you should take is to research our business to find out if it sounds like it is right for you. We don’t want our franchisees to jump in without feeling 100% confident, and we are happy to help along the way in this process. Contacting our team and talking over questions or thoughts you might have is a great way to ensure that you feel Superior Wash is a great fit for you; then, you can begin the next step of your journey.

Sign On and Pay Your Initial Fees

If you find that you are ready to join the Superior Wash team, the next step is to sign on and pay your franchising fees. The franchise investment costs are low for the industry and give franchisees access to equipment, branding, and training. We offer different pathways to payment for our franchisees to ensure that starting this high-growth business is profitable for people of all backgrounds. 

Start Your Training and Launch Your Business

You will now be ready to begin the training process. We have an intensive training program where franchisees learn the ropes of the business, from conducting the cleaning to actually overseeing the enterprise. Superior Wash ensures our franchisees are ready to hit the ground running, equipped with all the knowledge they need, and when their training is wrapped, it is time to launch and grow your new Superior Wash franchise!

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