How Superior Wash Removes Initial Obstacles for Franchisees

January 5, 2022

The early days of a new business are often the hardest ones. For starters, you have to learn on the fly. Everything is coming at you a million miles an hour, and the stress levels are high. There is a lot on your plate in the initial days of starting or running a business, and it can often feel like you are isolated and without support. That is why so many small businesses fail so quickly. It isn’t that the entrepreneurs who start them aren’t capable; it is that the early days are often the most difficult and pivotal sink or swim moments of a business life cycle.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With Superior Wash, the early days of starting and running a business can be the exciting time it deserves to be, rather than a fight to stay afloat. Superior Wash is a national fleet washing franchise with locations in numerous states across the country. Our business is deeply tied together with the trucking industry, a hugely powerful industry that is reliant on the pressure washing services we provide.

The early days of starting and running a business can be the exciting time it deserves to be.

When franchisees start a new branch of Superior Wash, they are taking the first step on a long journey. Our business is perfect for first-time business owners for a variety of reasons. For starters, we have an extensive training program that prepares our franchisees for the road ahead. We teach you all you need to know about the business itself and how to conduct the service being offered. Pre-launch, we send a salesman to your location to drum up business near you and help you hit the ground running.

Superior Wash also has limited overhead. We are a mobile business that goes to clients, so you don’t need to pay the cost of commercial real estate. Your equipment is part of your initial franchising cost. That means you don’t have the stress of constant re-stocking purchases and rent prices dangling over you.

Superior Wash helps clients start their businesses from a much better position. Rather than it being an isolating and stressful experience, there is a team of experts to train and support you every step of the way.

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