How Superior Wash Provides Stability to Our Franchisees

August 11, 2021


While some people have an appetite for extreme risk, the average person wants a job that is stable, consistent, and not subject to the whims of economic conditions. Stability is something many of us prioritize because it means that the constant stress of work is greatly lessened. We all need consistency, and with employment, that means your business is built to withstand recessions, and that money consistently flows in. Typically, running your own business isn’t seen as stable, and is largely considered risky. But when franchising with Superior Wash, that’s not the case.

Superior Wash is a fleet washing franchise that uses pressure washing technology to clean large trucking fleets. This not only increases their aesthetic appeal, which is important to the brands they represent but also helps the trucks run more effectively by removing dirt and debris that may impact their efficiency.

What this also means is that Superior Wash is tied to the trucking industry. We have an established connection to many fleet managers across the country, who utilize us for our high-quality service. The trucking industry is a massive one, with ground transportation vital to the American economy. Being tied to an industry worth billions of dollars adds stability to what we do.

We have an established connection to many fleet managers across the country.

There is also consistent demand for our services. Regardless of the state of the economy, the trucking industry needs its fleets cleaned. We operate in an industry with low competition, as the fleet washing business is underserved. That means we stand as a great option for our customers, giving our franchisees a consistent supply of business.

Another area where Superior Wash provides stability for franchisees is by having an extensive training program and a sales launch that will put them in a position to succeed early.

We know starting a franchise may seem like a leap of faith, but with training that will teach you all you need to get off to a strong start, an intrinsic connection to a massive industry, and a low-competition, underserved service, Superior Wash is the rare business opportunity that brings consistency and stability.




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